I have a lot of stuff to do today so I drew this in an empty spot on my to do list.


I’ve been really into drawing side profiles lately. (And of course, I’m using myself as practice.)

Mayer Hawthrorne fan art because he’s a total babe. (If you haven’t listened to his music yet, you really should.)

Breezy ~

Outfit is Mayer Hawthorne inspired since he posted a really cute selfie today (with the same shirt print and hat) and I was moved to recreate it.

I tried to think of a caption for this picture the entire time I was drawing it and I just can honestly not give anyone an explanation for what is going on here

I draw myself real cute and put together but this is what I actually look like 90% of the time.

Figured out Lizzie’s hair (sort of). Best I could do, like I said before, I’m horrible at drawing women’s hair. But I’m happy with how she looks!

My love for The Blacklist continues to grow as I find more and more opportunities to makes jokes about it.

I had an idea for a doodle yesterday that had me doubled over in bed laughing and I’m prepping for that now by sketching out Ressler and Keen (who’s hair I’ve just now figured out) (I suck at drawing women’s hair). Hoping to start working on it tomorrow; stay tuned!!

Today was… Weird. To say the least. This isn’t even the tip of the iceberg of what was drawn today (mostly more creepy pictures of me).

Big thanks to Emmy Cicierega for all the hilarious inspiration!!